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Patten at #28 in FACT Magazine's annual top 50, which Forest Swords scored #1 in 2010; Bleep's picks of 2011; DFA Records’; Juno design awards; Fake DIY's favourites; #24 at Boomkat; #29 at XLR8RSelf Titled magazine; RCRD LBL; #4 at Lyt MagThe Line Of Best Fit #7 (“exhaustingly brilliant”)...

..and my picks of the year - Makeout Videotape, Drake et all - over at Urban Outfitters.

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Going live, working long, stretching out the album campaign.


Lava strewn video for ‘Plurals’ by the ever-enigmatic patten, directed by Jane Eastlight. We’re proud to announce the London producer will perform a special audiovisual live show to celebrate the album’s release on January 19th 2012 (details and advance tickets).

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There are currently huge delays at European pressing plants due to a backlog of represses from stock lost in the PIAS warehouse fire. Glad to have this release (‘Remarkable, one of the year’s most exciting debuts.’ - FACT;  ’Among the albums of the year’ - Boomkat; 
’Excellent’ - the Quietus; 
’9/10’ - Drowned In Sound; ’4/5’ - Resident Advisor) in the shops, and either side of Arthur Russell and Lee Scratch, finally. 

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Sonic DNA

Labels promoting releases online using additional content - videos, remixes, mixes etc - is mostly very standard and unfortunately reasonably uninspiring. Listening through some remixes often just created to bulk up the size of single or EP releases on iTunes by producers stylistically poorly matched to the tracks can be fucking dull (but here’s a good example). As ever, the marketing aspect relies upon the accelerated transfer (reblogging, Facebook shares, reTweets, Tumblr loves) of data to showcase the product or artist and is becoming very formulaic as a technique.

patten, whose debut album I’m currently working on, gave his remixers a very intelligent diktat. The producers were asked to work from just a tiny sample - “sonic DNA” - of the (then unreleased) parent track, without stems or any other samples to manipulate and submit the results. This methodology, in effect limiting the data flow, really caught interest and, thanks to our press team, received a huge volume of positive interest from across the web. [Listen here].

NB. Also mildly interesting is that major labels usually upload 1GB+ to an FTP server (in some cases accidentally including every inaudible ’stem’, even mistakes or outtakes, of the finished track) for a new producer to work from. Kinda the opposite of this approach.


Patten released his debut album -GLAQJO XAACSSO - last week to significant praise from FACT (“tremendous”), Boomkat (“among the albums of the year”), (track of the week), the Quietus (“excellent”), The Wire and Pitchfork.

Today sees the release of JLAGQO CSOAAXS, a remix…

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